I was quite late to the party when it came to graphic novels and comics for a more adult audience. I read a lot of comics as a kid though but somehow I grew out of the kids comics and didn’t really know there was this whole market of graphic novels for “older kids”. Nowadays I dream about writing and illustrating my own book of course. Not a typical comic with a traditional layout but instead something more like a short novel with a lot of pictures in various sizes. Something dark and weird of course.

One of my absolute favorite artist and writer is the fantastic Shaun Tan. I can get lost in his books for ages because there’s so much to explore and take in. He’s really awesome when it comes to creating a mood and a he doesn’t need many words to tell his story, it’s all in there. Some of my favorites are Eric and The Arrival and I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in getting to know some of his works.